Editorial: The challenge of the truth and certainty


But is it possible to drive the price of vehicles down, regulate this market, excluding the basis of any market to pave the way towards a healthy and true competition? Last January’s question on OGB 32 seems to contextually fit a re-adjustment of the price of vehicles to acceptable standard, and they are not yet totally, but it is a first step, and, not least. Healthy competition, alternated by the logic of supply and demand that is mostly in favour of transparency, is abhorred by the opacity of mischief-makers.


There is always a temptation to say «Ah! I was right!», but consider what happens when logical is re-established, thereafter the challenge of the truth is not to claim any certitude as it turns out to become negative certainties.


The logic of the market, must not however harm actors of the same commerce. At this level t the state, as a regulatory power, have to create a constructive and complementary logic.


the regal powers and of the State as regulator must sound the death knell, and position the one and the other in a logic this time complementary and constructive.
It is vital to keep the embryo of the automotive industry in Algeria. A broad consensus is necessary between all, the rare assemblers of today and tomorrow, and the Algerian consumer to leave the ground for a feeling of confidence that is «renewed and renewable». It is then for the government to put in place better conditions that would bridge out between these bodies and devious negative forces.


Since January of this year, the price of oil continues in increasing and creating an upward curve where fundamentals are bringing the prices to a more optimistic level. Should we consider that the price of $72 is a threshold level, or should we still portend an escalation, while the industry of the American shale gas reached threshold record in production? The real question is how much time; this situation will last? The recent consolidation of oil price would be the consequence of geopolitical tensions of the moment, however yesterday under other geopolitical tensions also fearful and alarming that the one of today, prices continued to fall, in these times the fundamentals were unbalanced and ill-treated.


It becomes almost difficult to accept that tensions can act in a direct way on prices, unless a bursting of a serious conflict, «The Bay of Pigs» seems to have neo-followers in this month of April as it meets the 57th anniversary of its occurrence.


When will the barrel be $80? The Vienna meeting of OPEC, next June, will confirm if this will be possible, if we consider the production of the American shale gas; without speculative bubbles or geopolitical tensions.


Yet a markets logic or a law of the market, with a « laissez-faire « of the market fundamentals, OPEC has managed to give a new breath to the market.


One does not change a team that wins, one does not change a strategy that wins
Is this true? Is it certain? It is according to the angle of the prism.





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