The Editorial / ‘Immobilism in motion’

It is said more and more and it feels there like leaden screed that what we do undertake shows a chronic performance deficit over time. If time was ever a fund from which we would draw money with each delay in the execution of our projects, it would have dried up for a long time. I refer for example to what happens in Algeria with the project of the ENR that doesn’t appear to see the light despite its elevation to the priority of priorities and how it has fallen to the bottom of all realisations so far. There is no need to mention the 350 MW to be realised without falling into an unnecessary self satisfaction and draw pride from just stumbling.

The 4000 MW out of the 22000 MW planned, struggle to come into light. The Ministry in charge does not let any ray filter on any realisation devolved to it to pilot in this field. The Ministry of the Energy lets glimpse the launching of just 150 MW this year and a newcomer, the Ministry of the Interior plans to make achievements of nearly 200 MW through the municipalities of the country to reduce the budget bill dedicated to the electricity sector.

Quid other institutions? Sonatrach, Sonelgaz, Ministry of Agriculture, with more and more actors on the same ground, the ENR at the risk of collapsing in the order of this ‘bicephalism’ that has long paralysed this priority, seems to recover but in the disorder of a seemingly perceived ‘multicephalism ‘as our new PPDM (lowest common denominator).
In this respect, there is a great deficit to shed light on for the real future of this sector as there is a deficit to go beyond the symbolic threshold of 1000 MW to produce renewable energy since 2011.
On the 30th of June, the illustrious Energy

Club, which brings together the elite of the energy sector in the country shone through the convergence of views of members and other panelists, gathered in a colloquium, during which the crucial questions of the future of our gas, the structuring of our energy mix, the growing role of renewable energies in the country’s energy security, have been approached with almost unanimous agreement, that the ENRs as well as shale gas must take off in the most brief delays without detour or confusion otherwise the blackout is outlined in a sky whose main occupant is none other than the sun. It will be useless to say ‘we did our best’, we have to do what is necessary (dixit Churchill), it seems that the clock that started to tick a while ago accelerates its pace, the volume of our domestic gas consumption will soon equate our gas export volume to exceed it in the near future.

February 2015 seems to be farther from us, and yet thirty months after this limited ministerial council on gas, what assessment do we have of our claims in this matter. Has our power increased in all fields except in this one, however crucial and critical, the worst one time is to say that of this assessment there remains nothing.

The lull given by a price of oil that oscillates at 75 dollars a barrel, despite the turpitudes that the market continues to know, it is a major opportunity to embark on this energy renovation of the country, we can be optimistic for this. Optimism is precisely that force which makes difficulty to be perceived as an opportunity. Let us avoid the pitfall of the opposite, that of immobilism.

The worst thing is to fear that if this immobilism gets into motion, we will not know how to stop it.



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