From Crexit to British Shower

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  • Posted 22 February 2017

«Look for Maria in Ravenna» is an old Italian saying which means ‘beware of the truth you are seeking.’ A truth so desired and sought by the British. It plunged today’s world in uncertainty and a feeling that, once again, we will have to sustain a spell of accelerating negative growth, while real hopes were on the horizon a few days before this referendoom.


Seeking a crisexit for the winners of this vote, the old empire as usual plunged the world into a crisis, which was completely unnecessary, but it got a British shower, more acid and treacherous than a Scottish shower. A legitimate question today is to ask whether some people have the right to place in serious trouble hundreds of millions of people around the world, whose ultimate goal in their every day’s distress is to find some resilience to survive the effects of a crisis that seems unending.

Expressing a legitimate right for which they have worked hard, British voters have placed the world in an insoluble dilemma: accepting this fact naturally, and doing as if nothing had happened, or, setting forth in search of rebuilding painfully what the exercise of a sovereign right has ruined for the rest of the world, i.e. the right to live better. A one penny question: What if the people of Niger decided tomorrow in a purely African referendum to ask whether they accept continuing intensive exploitation of uranium or whether to leave this wealth aside for future generations? What if the sovereign people’s vote decides to deprive some of the world powers of this mineral? Would this decision be accepted without a word, without an action?

Now, a one trillion dollar question: What if the people of Greenland decided to do the same and block the road to future exploitation of rare earth? Would such a decision be accepted in the same manner? After all, this would be the expression of a right, albeit one that belongs to a relative minority? The answer is as relevant for the one penny question on Niger’s uranium as for the trillion dollar one on Greenland’s rare earth.

The world is faced with a new debate and a new issue, on which it should take a stand. At what price the exercise of a domestic right can undermine fragile global economic balance? Dozens of millions of people are watching the third digit after the fraction of the growth rate figure as if their lives depended on it. In other words, globalism in which the world community is living is watching its own face in the mirror, its own contradictions, as restricted interests continue to control the same matrix of its development.

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