Inflection Point: A New Curve

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  • Posted 22 February 2017

Geostrategy and politics are never static. They are fluid and dynamic. On the other hand, objectives and principles are immutable, but the means for achieving them differ depending on circumstances. As everyone knows, circumstances often occur independently of our will. I have always believed that if the countries that rely on energy as a sole resource are to remain unscathed when they face threatening storms ahead and real uncertainties because of the sudden fall of their resources, they have to weather the storM. Any system, even a global one that does not rely on the support of the majority is inherently fragile. No matter how the powerful minority guards its privileges, inflection point is always reached.


With it, a new curve develops. It’s the curve of reason, of balanced price, and of what is useful to both producer and consumer.

In this respect, the return to fundamentals under the leadership of countries that bring other countries to reason dispels some of the clouds that hang up above our heads, and we can only endorse this laudable initiative. Uncertainties. A word that is fashionable and very much liked by the insurance world. It is a tool that is little known and somewhat misunderstood in the energy sector. But it has witnessed an increasing number of threats, the recurrence of insecurities that settle gradually and become just like other segments of energy, a real epiphenomenon in the overall stability of the sector. While the rationale of insurance is to enable businesses overcome disasters in return for a premium, the continuity of the life of a publication, especially a magazine, is only ensured by those people who struggle to deliver it to the reader and to the public in general, albeit in pain in each edition. This leads me to conclude this first and rich temporal phase of the magazine, which is today offering its twelfth issue. One year after its first publication, it is bravely entering the second year of its existence and making the promise to constantly seek and achieve the same objectives and principles which have remained immutable since its birth (ref. OGB 1 February 2015).

Good luck to OGB for this new voyage. Let’s hope the means will change with the changing circumstances.

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